5 Amazing Benefits of Nonsurgical Face-lifts You Didn't Know

Aging is a bumpy-enough journey without adding surgery to the mix. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the latest cutting-edge tools to fight back against wrinkling, sagging, and blemished skin, with nary a knife in sight.

Here at High Point Medical Clinic, under the experienced guidance of Linda J. Morgan-Evans, MD, we believe that overall wellness is both an inside, and an outside, job. We understand that our St. Robert, Missouri, patients work hard to keep healthy and they want their outsides to match their efforts.

To complete your package of great health, we offer a spate of innovative, minimally invasive aesthetic techniques that help bring out the best in your skin. In fact, using laser skin therapies, cosmetic injectables, microneedling, and facials, we can garner almost the same results as a face-lift, without the need for surgery.

To give you an idea of the benefits of nonsurgical face-lifts, here are five to get you started.

1. Well, it’s nonsurgical

Let’s start with the obvious benefit that’s listed in the title: A nonsurgical face-lift is, well, nonsurgical. We don’t cut your skin, so you don’t have to worry about collateral damage, or an increased risk of infection. Your skin is designed to protect you from the world around you, and we don’t want to interfere with this role unless it’s absolutely necessary.

With our nonsurgical face-lift, we don’t damage your tissue like a traditional face-lift can, so we don’t send your body into a panicked repair mode. Instead, we use a softer, gentler approach that taps your body’s own resources. At most, we create microinjuries through our microneedling, but we largely leave the surface of your skin intact.

That leads us to the next benefit:

2. A gentle call to action

With a nonsurgical face-lift, we use several techniques that work with your body to jump-start your production of collagen and elastin production — the two proteins responsible for the elasticity and tone in your skin. Beginning in your 30s, the production of these structural proteins begins to wane, slowly at first, at just 1% a year. Soon enough, however, the deficit begins to add up, leaving you with loose and wrinkling skin.

Through our laser skin services, as well as our microneedling service, we create a mild healing response in your tissue, which comes in the form of renewed collagen and elastin synthesis, helping rebuild your skin from the inside out.

3. Almost immediate results

One of the benefits our clients enjoy the most is that we can create a big difference in your face using our cosmetic injectables, and your results are almost immediate. Imagine that you can walk in during your lunch break and walk back out with plumper lips, perkier cheeks, and visibly reduced deep folds and wrinkles.

4. In and out

On top of the quick results, there’s no downtime after a nonsurgical face-lift. Whether we use a microneedling technique, laser therapy, or cosmetic injectable (or a combination of these), the procedures don’t require any downtime afterward, which means you don’t skip a beat.

With traditional face-lifts, there’s a considerable recovery period as your skin heals and resettles itself after being pulled taut and stitched together. Our noninvasive and minimally invasive aesthetic services cause little to no damage, and you’re free to go out that same evening with friends with something to really smile about.

5. Easier on the wallet

In addition to saving you time and a hassle, a nonsurgical face-lift can also save you money. Our techniques cost a fraction of what a surgical face-lift costs, even if you avail yourself of everything we have to offer.

If you’d like to explore how a nonsurgical face-lift can shave years off your appearance without requiring surgery, please give us a call to set up a consultation. Or you can use our easy online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

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