When It's Time to Seek Help for Your Mental Health

No one's perfect. Everyone struggles from time to time. But, if you're starting to feel constantly overwhelmed by your emotions there might be a problem. Is it getting hard to fully enjoy life? Do you feel dragged down by your feelings? It may be time to seek professional help.

At High Point Medical Clinic, we can work with you to improve your mental health. We provide psychiatric management, so our patients can feel better and do better. You're not alone. Dr. Morgan-Evans and our highly trained staff are here to help.

Prevalence of mental health issues

There's a stigma around mental health. Some people think it's made up and some think treatment is a waste of time. The truth is, one in five adults in the United States have a mental illness. That's over 45 million people in a given year! One in 25 people suffer so severely it affects or limits one or more of their major life activities.

Mental health issues are common. They’re just not discussed as much as they should be. Admitting you have a problem doesn’t mean you’re too weak to handle your responsibilities. It means you’re strong enough to know when you need professional help. Don’t feel embarrassed. Treatment is the best way to improve your mental health.

When to seek help

Assistance should be sought immediately if you're contemplating suicide. But that’s not the only time you need to seek help. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you need to reach out to your doctor so you can start treatment immediately.

Have you noticed a change in your personality? Have others expressed concern over your mental health? Don't wait until your symptoms have taken over your life. Get help immediately. Call our office today at 573-336-3644 to make an appointment with Dr. Morgan-Evans.

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