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Hypertension, which is high blood pressure, has no outward symptoms but affects one in three American adults. Regular blood pressure checks at High Point Medical Clinic in St. Robert, Missouri, can help you stay on top of your blood pressure numbers. If you should have hypertension, Linda J. Morgan-Evans, MD, can help you manage it so you avoid serious complications. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to have your blood pressure evaluated today.


What is hypertension?

Hypertension is a common condition that’s diagnosed when your blood pushes against your artery walls too forcefully. This heavy pressure can lead to serious health problems.

Hypertension develops over the course of many years. If uncontrolled, it may lead to a heart attack or stroke as well as chronic health problems.

How do I know if I have hypertension?

Hypertension doesn’t generally have symptoms, but it quietly does internal damage to your body. The team at High Point Medical Clinic regularly checks your blood pressure at appointments to monitor your levels. Usually, you only know you’re at risk of high blood pressure if your readings are consistently higher than 120/80. Hypertension is usually diagnosed if you have a reading of 130/80 for at least three consecutive visits.

What puts me at risk of developing hypertension?

Your risk of hypertension increases due to certain factors. Some are controllable, while others aren’t. The risk factors include:

  • Advancing age
  • Family history
  • Too much stress
  • Being overweight or obese
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Too much sodium and too little potassium in your diet

Certain chronic conditions, such as diabetes, can also put you at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure.

What are the dangers of uncontrolled hypertension?

Hypertension, when unmanaged, can lead to a number of serious health problems. These include:

  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Heart failure
  • Aneurysm
  • Kidney problems
  • Dementia
  • Metabolic syndrome

Hypertension can be controlled with medication and lifestyle changes.

How is hypertension treated?

Dr. Morgan-Evans helps you make lifestyle changes to improve your blood pressure numbers. A heart-healthy diet with less sodium and regular physical activity are two major steps in controlling hypertension. She may also recommend that you lose weight, and can help you do so.

Specific medications can also be prescribed to help lower your blood pressure numbers. The exact type of drug depends on your blood pressure levels and any other underlying conditions you have. Medication doesn’t eliminate the need to take lifestyle steps to control your blood pressure, but offers a complement to these therapies.

For more information about hypertension and regular appointments that help you stay on top of your blood pressure numbers, call the office or schedule online.